Receiving merchandise at the U.S. southern border – in Laredo, Texas – is now easier with our innovative freight forwarding service to Mexico. 

Our warehouse is strategically located and within walking distance of the International World Trade Bridge in Laredo, Texas (USA). 

Some of the services we offer are:

• Receipt of goods in bond (transit).
• Prior inspection of goods for reshipment to Mexico.
• Cargo consolidation.
• Segregation of goods.
• Commercial labeling of import goods for Mexico.
• Border crossing transportation of goods.
• Inventory control system.

We also provide services focused on the US or Canadian market such as:

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• American and Canadian Customs Broker Service.
• Opening of inbond (transit).
• Issuance of bonds.
• Distribution in the USA.
• Crossdock.
• Storage.

For more information, please contact our logistics advisors.