The geographical location of Mexico allows us to serve mainly two corridors: North America (NOAM) and Central America (CEAM). On both routes, we have solutions for direct service and transshipment.

North America

Routes to North America include dedicated and consolidated services to the United States and Canada. For dedicated freight services, we have solutions in: 

Additionally, we manage the international crossing (transfer) between countries, as well as customs clearance on both sides of the border.

If transshipment is needed, it is carried out in our warehouse in Laredo, Texas.

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Central America

Towards the southern border of Mexico, our services extend from Guatemala to Panama in full truckload freight (FTL) or less than truckload consolidated service (LTL).

For less than truckload consolidated shipments (LTL), these are received at the warehouse in Ciudad Hidalgo, Chiapas, where the documentation is prepared. We have weekly routes and deliveries to the main warehouses throughout the Central American countries.

Transit times
To Guatemala
To El Salvador
To Honduras
To Nicaragua
To Costa Rica
To Panamá
From Cd. Hidalgo, Chips.
1-2 days
2-3 days
3-4 days
3-4 days
4-5 days
5-6 days

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