80% of the cargo around the world is transported by sea. Therefore, we have the right solution to transport hazardous materials, oversized cargo, machinery, raw materials, refrigerated cargo, and more. We have weekly routes to and from Mexico.

We offer solutions for: 

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Beneficios a la Importación

We have agreements with the main shipping lines so it will NOT be necessary to deposit the so-called Container Guarantee (1,000 USD or its equivalent in Mexican pesos).

Containers consigned in our name will enjoy at least 14 days free of demurrage and depending on the port of departure may benefit from up to 21 days free of demurrage.

We take care of obtaining the EIR (Equiment Interchange Receipt) for each container to ensure that delays are cut in time.

There are no excessive costs such as the so-called "Exchange of Documents".

We track and report the status of each container. This information can also be accessed through our Online Tools.

• We coordinate the delivery of the MBL (Master Bill of Lading) or the Express / Telex Release with the customs broker designated by the client.

You do not have to generate any letter or document (except for containers under the Intermodal Sea mode).

In the case of shipments that are transported under the incoterms CFR, CIF, CIP, DAT, DAP and DDP we can transport the cargo to offer you the above mentioned benefits in the Mexican Ports. Our operations team will send you the corresponding procedure.

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